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– We help complete your initiatives on time and within budget. –

What we do

Marketing & Sales support

image RCS Advisors, LLC offers leadership capable headcount support in the areas of marketing and sales.  We can serve as temporary headcount to undertake and complete initiatives that are part of your current business plan.  This will ensure that work gets done on time and within budget.  We can serve on your team in the capacity of an interim Project Manager, Group Manager, VP of Marketing, or Chief Marketing Officer. 
We can support your organization to undertake and complete initiatives in the areas of marketing, sales, advertising, and customer service.  We have extensive hands on leadership and execution experience in several industries including Credit Card issuers, Credit Card merchant acquirers, non-profit direct marketers, membership organizations, and service organizations.

Additional services

image As part of our services, if requested, we can also review your value proposition(s), marketing investments, and sales investments and make recommendations on how to improve their effectiveness and return on dollars invested.  The goal is to increase sales and EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization).  Some key business areas that we would examine and make recommendations on include how to strengthen the value proposition(s), grow the customer portfolio, reduce customer attrition, improve new customer lead conversions, lower cost per new customer, shorten new customer breakeven period, and increase sales per customer.