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Robert Shay is an accomplished results driven marketer and general management executive with over 20 years of well diversified experience.  In his roles as SVP, EVP, and President he has driven significant growth and profitability in several companies including Ogilvy & Mather advertising, American Express, Citibank Diners Club, Sears, Amerix corporation, Vantage Deluxe Travel, and Chase Paymentech Solutions (a JP Morgan Chase company). 

Robert earned his MBA in Marketing and Finance from the Stern School at New York University.  He earned his BS in Business Management at the University of Southern California.

What people say about Robert Shay:

"I have known Bob for many years.  He is an experienced and results oriented individual that sees opportunities in the most challenging environment.  He is very thoughtful and deliberate in his approach and demonstrates unwavering integrity and perserverance to get the job done." -- Robert L. Dilenschneider, Principal of The Dilenschneider Group.

"Bob indirectly worked for me when I was the COO and CFO of The Vantage Group.  Bob is a make it happen person.  Give him a business objective and he will craft and execute a strategy and get the task completed.  After turning around a money losing business as President of Vantage Direct, Bob was asked to sell the company within three months.  He identified the list of potential buyers, negotiated the contract to sell the company, and made all of the necessary arrangements to ensure a smooth operations transition to the new owner." -- Ted Sykes, as the COO and CFO of the Vantage Group Ted worked directly with Bob.

"Bob is a professional.  He is a great listener, seasoned negotiator, and asks thoughtful questions.  When you are across the table from Bob you know you are dealing with a honest and trustworthy person.  I negotiated with Bob to purchase the Vantage Direct company from The Vantage Group." -- Ron Menconi, as the CEO of MCS negotiated with Bob.

"Bob joined our company as EVP of Marketing and immediately demonstrated his outstanding skills as a thought leader and strategic marketer.  He identified what made our offering unique and our barriers to growth.  Within the first year he re-engineered our operating center which improved our productivity and provided a platform for high growth.  Then, Bob focused his efforts on marketing and created new advertising and improved and expanded our media placement.  The result of these efforts helped profitably grow our revenue to $80 million from $15 million in three years." -- Bernaldo Dancel, as the CEO of Ascend One Corporation supervised Bob .

"I worked with Bob at Ascend One.  Bob is one of the brightest people I have had the opportunity to work with.  When we worked together, Bob oversaw all of Ascend One's marketing, strategy, business development, sales, and innovation.  He has the ability to manage many initiatives and pay attention to the detail required to lead the business.  Bob is a though-leader who sees opportunity where others see obstacles.  He's also a great manager of people, pushing hard to get the maximum output, but doing so in a nurturing and selfless way that shares the success with the rest of the team." -- Brian Pfeifer, as Vice President of Strategic Planning & Business Development of Ascend One Corporation worked directly with Bob.

"While EVP of Marketing at Citibank Diners Club, I recruited Bob and managed him in his role as SVP of Marketing.  Bob impressed me as a high performer who has a strong combination of creative strategic insight, sound analytical skills, competitive results orientation, and exceptional work ethic.  He successfully managed a number of important initiatives including member spending expansion and member retention, both of which were vital to achieving sucess on our business strategy.  While it has been some time since I worked with Bob, I am extremely confident recommending him as an excellent fit with a team that has high performance standards." -- Dave Lunghino, as the EVP of Marketing at Citibank Diners Club supervised Bob.

"I had the privilege of working with Bob Shay on several major American Express initiatives.  Bob raised the bar very high for us, always seeking innovative solutions to accomplish high strategic goals.  He recognizes a breakthrough idea and will champion it to get buy-in from diverse groups, building a coherent and strong vision across multiple corporate levels and teams.  For one American Express campaign, he personally met with famed children's book author Maurice Sendak and engaged him to create a series of extraordinary original illustrations.  The result: a brilliant high-impact campaign, winner of a prestigious national award for Best Consumer Campaign.  I believe the determining factor in the success of the Sendak execution was Bob's leadership and commitment." -- Pauline Cabouli, as President of Cabouli, Inc worked directly with Bob.

"Bob worked for me at American Express when I was the Vice President of Retail Marketing.  He is very strong strategically and I relied on him for thought leadership and strategic counsel.  He found one of the best ways for us to increase retail usage of the American Express Card by partnering with the largest mall developers in the U.S.  Bob developed the strategy, secured approval and $1 million in funding, negotiated and signed partnership deals with 2 mall developers.  He implemented a series of promotional campaigns in over 70 regional malls that increased spending 20% in participating malls during the promotional periods.  I regard Bob very highly, would rehire him, and would like to work with him again." -- Kathryn Russell, as Vice President of American Express supervised Bob.

"Bob is a smart person.  He is one of the few people I've worked with that can develop a winning strategy and lead its execution.  When he worked for me at American Express he demonstrated drive, commitment, and unwavering integrity.  With Bob, there is no hidden agenda and he treats everyone with dignity and respect." -- Brian Buckley, as Vice President of Retail Marketing at American Express supervised Bob.

"I worked with Bob to develop a national advertising print and radio campaign for American Express when I was an Account Supervisor at Ogilvy & Mather Advertising in New York.  It was a pleasure working with Bob.  He strives for excellence and gives people the direction and resources they need to create their best work.  Bob provided the Agency with the essential background, strategy, and direction we needed to develop great advertising.  For the radio portion of our campaign he insisted that we create a live recording of the Boston Pops orchestra as background music instead of purchasing recorded music.  The final product was spectacular and well received." -- Richard Lobel, as Account Supervisor of Ogilvy & Mather Advertising New York, worked directly with Bob.

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