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We work as a change agent either independently or with your team to find the growth, cash flow, and profitability opportunities in the areas of marketing, sales, product, service, pricing, and servicing. We can quickly assess a situation, provide recommendations, and implement.

We can also support current initiatives and on-going projects where immediate, skilled, and experienced help is needed.

Board of Directors support

Assessment - review and assessment of marketing and sales strategy effectiveness.

Transitional leadership - temporary transition leadership of business, sales, or marketing positions.

CEO support

Intra-industry competitive analysis

Independent review of advertising and /or marketing approach with recommendations on how to improve revenue, profits, and gain market share.

Feasibility assessment of new business growth opportunities.

Presentation development

Assessment and recommendation of alternate advertising campaigns.

Customer satisfaction survey, report, and recommendations.

360 degree expectations - interview customers and employees and provide recommendations on how to increase sales and profitability.

CFO support

Independent review - perform a review and payback effectiveness assessment of sales and marketing expenses.

Marketing Management support

Ideation sessions - for new products/services and/or how to solve issues like customer attrition.

Opportunity assessment - review existing programs and make recommendations on how to improve performance, sales, and profits.

New customer acquisition - review of new customer acquisition programs with recommendations for new lead generation strategies.

Customer retention - review and provide recommendations to improve customer retention programs.

Loyalty programs - develop and implement new customer loyalty programs or review and enhance existing programs.

Marketing campaign development - create campaign strategy brief and work closely with client's agency to develop alternate marketing campaigns.

New business development - develop strategies, approaches, and supporting materials to profitably win new business.

Segmentation strategies - review the current and potential customer groups and create and/or refine a customer segmentation strategy that improves customer satisfaction and return on investment.

The customers view - research and report back on how the customers view your products and/or services relative to the competition.  Provide recommendations on how to best improve your competitive position.  Includes how the customer makes the purchase decision.

Sales Management support

Selling proposition - research and develop a new sales proposition to exploit competitive opportunities and gain market share.

Sales presentations - create winning sales presentations.

360 degree competitive assessment - survey customers and potential customers to determine each competitor's advantages and company's opportunities.

Operations Management support

Assessment - review, assess, and make recommendations on how to improve performance, sales, and profits.

Product/Service Management support

Opportunity assessment - review products/services and make recommendations on how to improve performance, sales, and profits.

Product or service repositioning - assess competitive landscape, recommend new product of services positioning, create an implementation plan, and implement the plan.


Our engagement can be customized to your needs:

Project based
Time based - week, month, etc.
Retainer based

In some cases, a pay for performance element can be included in the fee plan.

In this way, a Company can have a Fortune 500 marketing executive with broad experience and proven results on the team for a fraction of the annual cost.

There is no cost or obligation to obtain a free written estimate.

Contact us by phone or email and we will discuss you needs and provide you with a written proposal that includes project steps, calendar based milestones, and estimated fee at no cost to you.

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